With almost 20,000 inhabitants, Steilshoop is one of Hamburg's most colourful districts. It is characterised by the internationality of its residents and prefabricated buildings from the 1960s. Steilshoop is vibrant and diverse, but it also has its problems, which have been exacerbated by the corona pandemic.
The project 'Steilshoop - active against violence' was launched to tackle these problems.
Throughout the month of June, a wide range of violence prevention activities for children and adults will take place throughout the district. Organised and supported by the City of Hamburg, businesses and, of course, the many local social institutions.
We were asked to design and produce the wordmark and promotional materials for this great project. From the programme to the 9m banner, everything is in place and has been distributed throughout the district.
Steilshoop Logo
Steilshoop Flyer
Steilshoop Poster
Steilshoop bag
Steilshoop Logo Collection
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