My name is Bastian and I am a freelance brand designer and full-service creative studio based in Hamburg, Germany. I do everything in the field of visual communication - and if there's something I can't do, I call on my network of creative professionals. Because my company is small and flexible, I can be selective about the projects I take on and give each one my best.
Starting in 2000 with a focus on print and corporate design, my role quickly expanded to include new media. I got to design great apps like mytaxi (now Free Now), manage social media sites visually and editorially, and distribute online banner across Europe. 
You can learn technique, but you can't learn a feeling for form and colour. A good designer can work in any medium. 
Whether it's a global corporation or a start-up, my clients are happy to work with me for many years, reliably and in a spirit of trust.
Curious and want to see more? Then take a look at my portfolio or contact me and I'll be happy to learn more about your project.
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